SAAC List Serve Guidelines

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All messages that meet the following guidelines will be posted to the moderated list serve:

  1. Posts should have some relevance to the welfare of pets in the Sacramento region. Posts about animals or situations in other states or regions may be rejected.
  2. As a courtesy to other subscribers, please include your full name, group affiliation (if any) and contact information (email address is sufficient) at the end of your post. Posts without at least a full name and e-mail address at the end of the message may be rejected.
  3. As a courtesy to your fellow subscribers, if you post a request for rescue, foster, or transportation assistance, and the request is filled, please post a follow-up message indicating that assistance is no longer needed.
  4. The SAAC email list a resource for sharing information, requesting assistance and networking to help animals. It is not a discussion list. Messages that are discussion in nature may be rejected.
  5. No owner surrender requests or forwarded posts about owner surrenders (as opposed to rescue situations) will be posted. Visit our Rehoming a Pet page or refer people to it for suggestions on how to find a home for an animal. Surrender posts for special needs animals and senior animals may be considered.
  6. No name-calling or negative discussions.
  7. Forwarded posts and cross-posts on behalf of non-list members may be rejected, especially if they do not pertain to an animal rescue situation in the Sacramento region. Instead of forwarding a message, please ask the original sender to subscribe to the SAAC list. Membership is free and is not moderated.
  8. Forwarded subscription mass mailings, such as advocacy “alerts” from other organizations, lost animal alerts, and pet food recalls, shall be rejected. Anyone wanting to receive lost animal information can sign up to receive alerts such as those sent by Home Again. Anyone interested in receiving information about pet food recalls can subscribe to services like DogFoodAdvisor.
  9. Unvetted cross-posts of Craigslist ads will be rejected. If you want to intervene in a situation on Craigslist, please contact the original poster to verify veracity and get more details. Then post an original message to the SAAC list.
  10. Do Not Adopt recommendations should not include personal information about the potential adopter, such as phone number, address, or personal appearance, or details about the situation that led to the recommendation. Do Not Adopt recommendations that contain personal information will be rejected.
  11. For privacy reasons, please do not include the SAAC list in a mass email being sent to multiple personal addresses and refrain from including multiple personal email addresses in the cc line. Messages sent to multiple personal email addresses will be rejected.
  12. If you need veterinary advice regarding your own pets, consult your personal veterinarian. For questions regarding veterinary care and health of shelter or rescue pets, visit the UC Davis Shelter Medicine program. Posts containing veterinary advice may be rejected if they are not posted by a licensed veterinary professional.
  13. Posts must be smaller than 500k in size. If you are including photos and the size of the message exceeds 500k, the message will be automatically rejected by the list serve system. If you have trouble sending messages to the SAAC list please refer to the Riseup help pages.
  14. Messages that are duplicates or similar to a recent post by another SAAC list subscriber will be rejected.

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